Transforming Spaces VUKA's Journey with Enhanced Cleaning!

Transforming Spaces: VUKA’s Journey with Enhanced Cleaning!

VUKA, a dynamic coworking and event space, stands as a testament to the importance of fostering a clean and welcoming environment for its members and guests. Our journey with VUKA highlights the pivotal role advanced cleaning services play in enhancing the overall value and appearance of such spaces. Here’s our collaborative success story.


VUKA’s growth and expansion meant bustling hubs of professionals, freelancers, and various events unfolding across its spaces. The challenge? Ensuring each space was consistently pristine, irrespective of the frequency of events and activities.


  • Reliability Issues: VUKA primarily relied on a single individual to clean up after events. With events often scheduled on the same day across multiple locations, this posed a considerable challenge. The cleaning process was sometimes lengthy, affecting the readiness of spaces for subsequent events.
  • Evening Cleaning Gaps: Despite efforts, the evening cleaning was falling short of the high standards VUKA wanted to maintain.
  • Visibility & Trust: VUKA’s members and guests expressed the desire for visible cleaning efforts to feel confident about the space’s cleanliness.
  • Immediate Assistance: The diverse schedules and needs of members necessitated on-the-spot cleanup or assistance during business hours.

Our Solution

  • Augmented Evening Cleaning: We bolstered the evening cleaning regimen, incorporating eco-friendly products and cutting-edge equipment. We also ensured our crew underwent specialized training to address VUKA’s specific needs.
  • Introduction of Day Porters: Recognizing the immediate assistance and visibility gaps, we integrated Day Porters into VUKA’s operational matrix. Their multi-faceted role included:
    • Swift Cleaning: Addressing spills, tidying up post-events, or handling any unexpected messes.
    • Member Assistance: Offering prompt help to VUKA’s members.
    • Visible Assurance: Their active presence during the day provided tangible proof of VUKA’s commitment to cleanliness.


  • Revitalized Appearance & Value: VUKA witnessed a transformative elevation in its cleanliness and presentation standards.
  • Enhanced Member & Guest Experience: The presence of Day Porters ensured uninterrupted workflow for members and a smoother transition between events.
  • Building Trust: The continuous cleaning efforts reaffirmed VUKA’s dedication to maintaining a hygienic environment.
  • Overwhelming Feedback: VUKA’s leadership expressed immense satisfaction with the changes. Their feedback underscored the Day Porters’ value and the overall uplifted cleanliness benchmarks.


“The training that NAE provides it’s team has allowed us to really let loose and let go of those items and just let them shine and allow our space to really be cared for.” – Reed Traphagan, Director of Operations

“I think NAE just takes it to that next level which is where VUKA wants to be, and it gives our co-workers an opportunity to see that we are putting their needs in front. It’s just so nice to have someone here that is helping do that.”  – Ashley Innes, Partner, Director of Events

Video Testimonial


This collaboration with VUKA underscores the significance of adaptable and robust cleaning services in elevating a space’s intrinsic value. By identifying and addressing the unique challenges VUKA faced, we could significantly enhance the member and guest experience.

A clean space isn’t just about appearances; it’s about crafting an environment that fosters productivity, trust, and community. Our partnership with VUKA is a testament to this ethos, and we remain dedicated to uplifting more spaces in a similar fashion.

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