Porter Service

When you are running a business, it’s important to keep the establishment as clean as possible. This applies even more so if you have many employees and a lot of clients coming into your office. This is where a porter service can prove convenient, as it can keep the place clean. At NAE Cleaning Solutions, we provide professional porter services for anyone running a business or a busy public establishment.

How Are Day Porters Different from Janitors and Cleaners?

Janitors and establishment cleaners have the sole purpose of cleaning a building regularly. For instance, janitors may have a schedule during which they clean rooms such as bathrooms, locker rooms, and many more. Some janitors will mostly do their cleaning during the evening so that they don’t disrupt the flow of people.
Porters, on the other hand, have a different schedule – one that does not necessarily involve cleaning. Like janitors, porters can provide cleaning services, but they also take on various miscellaneous tasks. To put it simply, day porters are there to offer a helping hand to the employees, improving the workflow of the company.

Typical Day Porter Services Provided

Porters often have various duties, depending on the company that they work for. Their schedule is based on the company’s, and they can offer their services based on current needs. The typical duties provided by a porter include:

  • Inspecting, cleaning, and disinfecting the room
  • Litter cleanup on a daily basis
  • Answering service calls
  • Vacuuming
  • Cleaning, mopping, and polishing floors
  • Cleaning glass doors and windows
  • Setting up for an event or cleaning after it

Our porter services can improve employee satisfaction while increasing productivity. Porters help make the place more habitable, which can increase a worker’s motivation to do a good job.

Sustainable Porter Services

In our efforts to preserve the environment, we are following a Green Seal approach when it comes to our porter services. We offer non-toxic, low-chemical products, and we also make sure that they are biodegradable and without any aerosols.
We use mainly recyclable materials or post-recycled products when it comes to porter tools such as buckets or mops. Our porters also have access to cleaning tools with low energy consumption, reducing our carbon footprint.

Get Your Porter!

A constantly clean environment can clear your business for success. Contact us to book our porter service, and we will keep your building clean so that you may focus on the things that matter.