The NAE Mission

To consistently be seen as the highest quality, most reliable janitorial services in the eyes of our customers and our employees.

More Than Just Janitorial Services

Customer Focused

Without customers, we have no business, no work to give our employees, and no opportunity to fulfill our mission.  Our first core value is that the customer always comes first.  That means that your needs come before our own, that we will bend over backwards to please you, and if it’s within the realm of possibility, you can consider it done!

People Focused

Of course without great people, it’s impossible to have happy customers, so our second core value is that we are people focused. We believe that people are good. We believe that people deserve a consistent job with decent wages. We believe that work is a part of life, not your entire life. We look for people who actually like their job and aren’t just here because the rent is due.

Want to see how much we love our people? Check out our Careers section to Learn More.  Or click here to send us your resume.

Reliability Focused

At NAE, we know that you need to trust in our ability to always get the job done. No missed nights, no rescheduling, and no excuses from us.

On the other side of the coin, we understand that your needs change. That is why we are reliably there for you and all of your janitorial service needs.

Last-minute bookings?
Special instructions?
No Problem!

We have the teams to make it happen and we ensure that there is always someone cross-trained in your facility’s needs so that if life does happen, you never need to worry about it.

Quality Focused

Quality is our “Nothing Left Untouched Guarantee”. You won’t come in to find that we only did the easy work. We make sure that everything from your blinds to your plants to those hard to reach crevices under the bathroom sinks are properly cleaned, disinfected, and left sparkling.

Consistency Focused

For NAE, consistency is all about making sure that the quality we proudly guarantee is seen every single time our team visits your facilities. We aren’t corner cutters, we don’t rush our people, and we make sure that every day, in every way, your office is left spotless.

What Our Clients Are Saying

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