Unhappy with your office cleaning service? Contact us today for a free consultation CONTACT US We provide a variety of office cleaning services, with programs and hard-working teams created to meet your company’s particular janitorial needs and preferences. Keep a clean and healthy environment with our enhanced disinfection services NAE is committed to creating a […]
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How the Office Affects Employee Productivity and Wellness

Gone are the days of taking a one-dimensional approach to work and employment. With expanding fields of psychology and increasingly modern workplaces, managers and employers are rightfully paying more attention to employee wellness and job satisfaction. That includes becoming more aware of the things that affect morale, productivity and creativity in the workplace. Whether it […]
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Client Spotlight: Yoga, Austin Style

Austin is a city that’s famous for its transplanted citizens as much as it is for companies that innovate.  Jaimee Scope and Black Swan Yoga Studios are the perfect examples of what makes Austin such a cool place to live.  A Texan born and bred, Jaimee made the decision to come to Austin via San […]
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Get In Front Of Employee Illness This Winter

Productivity takes a massive hit when winter hits. There’s the decreased amount of daylight – that definitely doesn’t help, nor does the colder weather, both of which together lowers morale and generally makes your employees more sluggish. It’s natural, and there are plenty of documented ways to combat this kind of seasonal behavior. One thing […]
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Environment is Everything

Every good manager knows that a business is only as successful as its employees. This includes hiring the best and brightest, keeping workers happy, and providing an environment that is conducive to the job at hand. Cubicles vs. Open Floor Plans Much research has been carried out on which floor plan is the best for […]