3 Stage Reliability Guarantee


By cross training multiple teams on your location, we make sure that your facilities are never without a capable crew.

By controlling all of our duties, reports and scheduling through our state of the art software, we ensure that your cleaning doesn’t just get done, it gets done right.

By having a 24 hour hotline with direct access to a manager, you can relax as we take care of any issues instantly.

Our Business Is Making Yours Shine!

We hire for the long term. We drug screen and background check everyone. We have employees, not contract workers. Better wages, better benefits.


We offer Green alternatives for cleaning products. We use color coded reusable cloths to avoid cross contamination and avoid wasteful use of paper products. American Lung Association certified and Green Seal certified.


You keep Austin Weird, we’ll keep it clean. We are proudly born and bred in Austin, by an Austinite, and we love helping our city’s businesses run cleanly and smoothly.


Valuables on site?

Sensitive information?

Never want to see us?

Safe, Secure, Practically Invisible