The Difference Between Commercial Cleaning Specialists and Residential Cleaners

Keeping a clean and tidy space improves the quality of any environment. Your experience in your downtime or during your working hours will always depend on whether the environment is clean. If you want your office hygienic and odor-free, you will always feel more comfortable when you hire commercial cleaning specialists.

But does keeping homes and workplaces clean entail the same work? Not necessarily.

Here at NAE, our commercial cleaning specialists are here to help you understand the difference between commercial and in-house/residential cleaning. 

Commercial cleaning 

Commercial cleaning specialists, more often than not, are trained cleaners who use special technology to clean and sanitize buildings used by businesses, including:

  • Offices
  • Cleanrooms
  • Healthcare and medical facilities
  • Industrial facilities
  • Schools
  • Commercial kitchens

Here at NAE, we follow the strictest requirements when cleaning and disinfecting any of these spaces. The aim of commercial cleaning specialists is to achieve the highest level of hygiene. Maintaining high standards is especially critical to commercial cleaning because it can affect factors, such as the quality of food safety at a restaurant or food production facility, the levels of bacteria in hospitals, and the purity and reliability of study in chemical laboratories.

We usually do our work outside of business hours to avoid getting in the way of production. Another advantage of this is that we can clean up after a full day or week of work, making sure the workplace is ready and tidy for the next day.

The main goal that we have as commercial cleaners is to ensure that your business remains in the best possible working order. Even more so than a home, a business simply cannot function smoothly if it does not meet sufficient hygiene standards. Keeping your office free of bacteria, germs, and viruses that cause sickness will ultimately increase your workplace safety along with employee health and production.

Commercial cleaners are required to be fully insured. That means if a cleaner accidentally causes damage or if theft occurs, your property is financially protected.

In-Home Cleaning 

Just as the name suggests, an in-home cleaner is someone who cleans your residence or home. Among residential cleaners, there tends to be a greater breadth of difference in technology used and processes. You are equally likely to come across a self-employed residential cleaner as you are to find a company that deploys cleaners to homes – something that seldom happens in the commercial cleaning industry.

Due to the lack of consistency in how residential cleaners operate, it can be riskier to find someone who will use effective techniques if you don’t do your research. Contributing to this issue is the fact that residential cleaners do not always get the training that commercial cleaners have.

Homeowners have the option of employing residential cleaners if they wish to avoid the hassle of cleaning their homes themselves. It can save a lot of time and trouble to employ someone to clean your house for you. A good house cleaner will ensure that your home is clean and tidy, tending to focus slightly more on making the space welcoming rather than strictly hygienic.

Residential cleaners do not always require insurance. Unfortunately, that means if a residential cleaner causes damage to your property, there is not always much you can do about it.

The key differences in the types of cleaning services – side by side 

  • Commercial cleaning specialists service workplaces and businesses, while in-home cleaners clean homes.
  • Commercial cleaners must retain rigorous hygiene standards. In-home cleaners place more emphasis on creating a welcoming and comfortable environment, an optional extra for homeowners.
  • Insurance and training are mandatory for commercial cleaners, unlike in-home cleaners.

Some people mistakenly assume that commercial cleaners will be the best option for a residential home, due to the clear advantages in their standards of cleanliness, more sophisticated technology, and compulsory insurance. 

However, the kind of service you choose really depends on whether it is a home or a workplace that you need to have cleaned. The techniques necessary to clean industrial machinery and hospital wards are vastly different to those required for a TV room. While there are more risks involved in finding a good residential cleaner, if you do a little research you are sure to find someone who will treat your home with respect and clean it the way you want.

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