15 Must-Haves When Looking For Office Cleaning Services

Office cleanliness is something that every office manager should pay attention to. If your office is messy and unkempt, it could affect your staff’s productivity and mood. After all, an office in disarray could give off the impression that your team does not care about the work they are doing. This is where office cleaning services can become a massive help to you.

Cleaning companies can make your life easier by coming in and cleaning your workplace for you, letting you and your staff continue with your crucial tasks. Simply put, an office cleaning service offered by a cleaning company can tidy up everything from your windows to your bathrooms, leaving them looking good as new.

However, like any hired service, you should make sure to hire the right company for you. An inadequate cleaning service’s work could be sub-par and leave you unsatisfied. But, how do you choose the best company for you?

What Should I Look For When I Hire A Company To Clean My Office?

When you search for a company that offers excellent office cleaning services, a few things that you should always look for are:

1. Flexible Schedule.

Your office’s productivity should always be one of your highest priorities. So, you should find a company that can work with your schedule and comes in when it is most convenient for you, your team, and your customers.

2. Experience With Commercial Spaces.

Some companies may have a lot of experience with customers’ homes and private properties but may not have the right know-how to clean a commercial space. You should always find a company that will precisely know how to clean the area you are trying to clean.

3. Variety Of Services.

If you want your workspace cleaned top to bottom, you should search for a business that offers office cleaning services with a variety of factors. This way, your whole office will be spick and span, rather than just a few parts of it.

4. Affordability.

When hiring a service, you should always keep your budget in mind. A good company should offer you excellent service while not emptying your bank account.

5. Good Consistency.

If you are going to have your cleaning company come in periodically, it will help find one consistent in their work. If they can offer you outstanding service every time they come, that may be the best choice.

6. Thorough Communication.

No one wants to hire a company that is hard to get in contact with. Therefore, your cleaning company should always be available during their business hours and should always be willing to speak to you and hear your concerns.

7. Customizable Services.

Your cleaning company’s services should adhere to what you need. For example, if you would like to have your bathrooms cleaned but don’t want to pay for floor waxing, you should have the ability to customize your cleaning plan.

8. High Hiring Standards.

Cleaning companies should have high standards when it comes to their employees. You should ask about your selected company’s hiring standards – do they conduct background checks? What are their training procedures like? These cleaners will periodically visit your office, so they should be trustworthy and well-trained.

9. Adequate Cleaning Experience.

Proper knowledge is key to doing a fantastic job. The company you hire should have enough experience in their field to offer you high-quality and satisfying office cleaning services.

10. Safety Training. Extensive cleaning can often involve substances that may be dangerous. Chemicals need to be contained and appropriately used, and heavy-duty machinery needs to be adequately operated, and so on. Your cleaners should all be appropriately trained and know how to conduct their jobs safely and correctly.

11. Low Employee Turnover Rate.

Your cleaners will be visiting your office on a set schedule to clean, so it would be best if those cleaners were consistent and familiar with your area and needs. So, your selected cleaning company should have a low employee turnover rate. This way, you won’t have to re-explain your needs every time a new cleaner walks through the door.

12. Access To Top-Quality Supplies.

If your cleaning company uses second-rate tools to clean your office, then you will probably end up with a second-rate job. Good office cleaners should always use quality supplies that will do their job.

13. Proper Licenses.

Naturally, you should always hire a licensed and legally allowed company to practice their services in your state. Additionally, it would be best if they also have insurance to cover any possible accidents that may arise.

14. Eco-Friendly Cleaning Options.

Not only are green cleaning options beneficial for the planet, but they can also decrease the amount of dangerous chemicals in your office space and overall make your workplace a safer area to work.

15. Glowing Testimonials.

One of the best ways to figure out if a company is good is to check the feedback from their previous clients. If their customers are happy and recommend the company, that’s a great sign that they are an amazing choice.

Who Can I Speak To About Having My Office Professionally Cleaned?

Are you looking for a cleaning company that fits all of the above points? If you are, you’ll be happy to know that NAE Cleaning Solutions fits the bill perfectly! We are proud to offer fantastic office cleaning services to those who need them.

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