Property Management – Common Mistakes To Avoid When Keeping Properties Clean

No one wants to move into a new place only to have to clean up immediately. If you want to be successful in property management, it’s very important that you keep your properties clean and appealing, especially when you’re looking for new tenants. Making your properties as spotless and attractive as possible is a critical factor in finding suitable tenants to fill your spaces.

We’ve all cleaned up after ourselves before, but cleaning a property is a whole different story. If you do not know how to correctly take care of an area, you may do things incorrectly or miss vital steps – and you never know when a potential client may see these errors and move in somewhere else.

One of the very best ways to be prepared is to be aware of common mistakes to avoid in property management. In this article, we will teach you about a few things you should avoid doing at all costs.

Why Is Keeping Properties Clean So Vital?

Making a property as immaculate as possible is a fantastic way to draw in new tenants for quite a few reasons. For one, most people looking for a new place want to find somewhere that they can truly call their own. This fact is particularly true if you’re trying to find business owners to move their company into a commercial property. The average business owner doesn’t want to focus on cleaning up a new property; they’d much rather focus on their valuable company.

Properties that are more aesthetically pleasing are almost always seen as more valuable. Therefore, properly cleaned and sanitized areas could even bring in more money and customer satisfaction than usual. There are plenty of steps to successfully manage properties, and keeping everything clean is a great start.

What Are Some Common Mistakes Property Managers Make When Cleaning Up?

Adequately cleaning up a property isn’t just sweeping up and making sure everything is neat and orderly, especially when it comes to commercial properties. There are tons of different factors to keep track of, such as proper sanitation and how to clean specific types of surfaces correctly.

So, unless you have experience in professionally cleaning commercial properties, you will most likely make quite a few mistakes. Too many of these mistakes can seriously harm your reputation.

As you’re trying to keep your places neat and clean, avoid these dire mistakes in property management:

Ignoring Signs Of Mold. Mold is a danger that many people don’t think about, but it can seriously negatively affect the health of you and your tenants. To avoid getting people sick, you should always check for signs of harmful mold in areas with a lot of moisture. Areas that commonly develop mold include the shower and the bathroom in general.

If you do find any mold starting up, you should try your best to take care of it as soon as possible before it spreads.

Not Replacing Old Or Damaged Appliances. Sometimes appliances get too old and need to be replaced, even if they’ve been running fine for many years. The older an appliance gets, the more outdated and dysfunctional it will become. Sometimes, it’s better to just buy a replacement.

Not Sanitizing. A common mistake that many people make when cleaning is to only clean what they see. Just because you wipe down a surface with a damp cloth doesn’t mean that that place is spotless yet; there’s still the possibility that unseen germs and bacteria remain on what you’re cleaning. An appropriate amount of the correct kind of chemical cleaner should help when sanitizing.

To really be safe, you can also hire professional cleaners to disinfect an area.

Not Hiring Professional Cleaners. Perhaps the most significant mistake that people make when cleaning commercial properties is trying to do everything themselves. As a property manager, you have plenty of responsibilities to take care of, so doing physical cleaning will only exhaust and frustrate you. Instead of trying to do every job yourself, you should hire reliable cleaners instead.

Professional cleaners who are appropriately trained and experienced will have no trouble making sure your property is safe and hygienic. Rather than you stressing out over whether you’ve done everything right, you can simply trust your dependable cleaners to get the job done correctly. They can be a massive help to any property manager who wants to be successful.

I Need Help Keeping My Properties Clean, Who Can I Turn To?

Our friendly team at NAE Cleaning Solutions is here to help! We pride ourselves on keeping local Austin businesses and properties safe and clean. With our cleaning services, you can be sure that your places will be as hygienic as possible. While you take care of your important property management tasks, we’ll be hard at work.

For more useful information on what we can do for you, you can reach us at 512-761-8623 to talk to us about your situation.

Avoid common cleaning mistakes and leave the cleaning to NAE Cleaning Solutions!

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