Keep These Things in Mind When Looking For Office Cleaning Services

A clean, healthful working environment is a productive working environment. Every business can benefit by hiring highly qualified janitorial services. If you are looking for Office Cleaning Services in Austin, here are some things to think about:

Does the service pay attention to details?

Look over the company letterhead, signs, business cards, and other printed materials. If their literature is well-designed, error-free, and professional, generally it is a safe bet that they pay attention to the work they do as well.

Are the company’s vans and other equipment in good shape?

Well-maintained equipment and vehicles are a sign of a cleaning services company that values its tools, its reputation, and its image. Accordingly, they will value their customers also, and do their best for you.

Are they familiar with the unique problems of the area?

Dirt in Austin is different from dirt in New York or San Francisco and may require different techniques and supplies. Austin’s long, hot summers encourage mold and mildew. Good knowledge of the climate, regional pollen-producing plants, and methods of allergen control are critical skills for a janitorial services company.

Does the office cleaning service carry sufficient insurance?

Are the cleaners bonded? It is an unfortunate fact that accidents happen. It is also unfortunately true that someone in an office might inadvertently leave out valuables of one type or another. If the cleaning service is insured and the employees are bonded, everyone will breathe easier.

Does the service use green cleaning products as much as possible?

It is not only the environment that must be considered. Employees with allergies may suffer from potentially serious reactions to overly-harsh cleaning chemicals.

Does the office cleaning service have sufficient staff for their workload?

Most businesses are trying to do more with less, and that is fine up to a point. However, if the service you are considering has three employees and contracts with 20 different businesses, you may need to look elsewhere.

How well does the service communicate?

Ask about how complaints and problems are handled. If there is no one to answer a phone during regular business hours, then complaints or requests for additional help will go unanswered and your concerns will not be addressed.

Good office cleaning services will help your business in many ways:

  • Clean environments are more pleasant to work in
  • Employees will not be saddled with ‘not-in-my-job-description’ cleaning work
  • Your office space will impress customers and other visitors

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