How the Office Affects Employee Productivity and Wellness

How the Office Affects Employee Productivity and Wellness

Gone are the days of taking a one-dimensional approach to work and employment. With expanding fields of psychology and increasingly modern workplaces, managers and employers are paying more attention to employee productivity, wellness, and job satisfaction. That includes becoming more aware of the things that affect morale, productivity, and creativity in the workplace. Whether it is easy to admit or not, happy employees are good for business.

Part of making sure that your team is happy and healthy, both mentally and physically, comes from the kind of physical environment they work in. Companies tend to focus on culture and compensation when it comes to employee happiness, but office conditions are sometimes overlooked. This list will show some of the ways that employees are affected by the spaces that they work in, as well as how to make lasting improvements for the benefit of the business as a whole.


It’s not difficult to see how working in a cramped or small space can be detrimental to employee productivity and creativity. An office layout that forces employees to get ‘too close for comfort’ leaves little room for personal space, which can contribute to discomfort throughout the day. A lack of spacing is not just about putting employees too close to each other. It also includes the use of cubicles. While they were once considered a way to maintain focus, cubicles can actually foster feelings of isolation, which in turn hampers creativity. The use of cubicles is also a sure way to prevent collaboration among employees.

If your employees are asking to work remotely more often than not, having off-site meetings with clients, or becoming increasingly ‘territorial’ can all be signs of an office space that is just too small.

Natural Light

As one of the fundamental human needs, natural light or sunlight is essential to people’s well-being. An office that finds as many ways as possible to incorporate natural light creates an uplifting work environment. Natural light tends to have an energizing effect, while artificial, fluorescent lighting can be quite dreary. Introducing more sunlight to the office isn’t just about productivity; it’s also about the overall well-being of everyone in that space.

Natural lighting is certainly the most important natural element in the workplace, but you can take it a step further by adding plants that give even more life to your office.


Excellent hygiene is one of the simplest ways to make improvements to the office. Investing in a regular office cleaning service is beneficial in more ways than one. To begin with, regular office cleaning is an ethical obligation that protects employees against illness. At NAE, we believe in going beyond janitorial services. Our consistent and thorough method means that every workplace we touch is properly disinfected to prevent the unnecessary spread of sickness. Sick employees are employees who need to regularly take time off, which can slow down important projects and progress in general.

Not only that, but a visibly messy and or/dirty work environment can negatively affect employee productivity and morale. It creates the impression that employees are not cared for, and that their well-being is not a priority. Having the office cleaned regularly by a professional service like NAE is also part of making your team feel valued.

Keeping employees happy and at the top of their game is now much more than paying well and providing benefits. Sometimes the simplest changes can bring about the biggest impact. If you are considering ways to make the workplace a joy to occupy, start by spacing things out a little, introducing some sunlight, and inviting NAE to take care of your office cleaning! Read reviews and testimonies from past customers.

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