Good Environment

Environmentally Friendly

Being good for your work environment isn’t mutually exclusive from being good for THE environment.  At NAE we are doing our part in being environmentally friendly to make sure working with us means that you are doing your best for both.

1) Color Coded, Reusable Cloths
Being environmentally friendly is great, but not if it comes at the cost of employee health or safety. By using a system of color coded reusable cloths to avoid cross contamination and avoid the wasteful disposal of paper products, our employees know exactly which cloth is destined for which use. With no chance of the same cloth cleaning a garbage can that cleans your faucets, the possibility of cross contamination is gone and the environment is here to stay.

That means you get a healthier office, a healthier staff, and of course you play your part in conserving a healthier future for all of us.

2) American Lung Association Certified
Our state of the art vacuum cleaners use triple filtration technology and have received official recognition through the American Lung Association’s certification which means that our cleaning actually makes your air cleaner. Cleaner air means fewer sick days and healthier employees. You want healthy employees don’t you?

3) Green Cleaning
Green cleaning refers to using cleaning methods and products with environmentally friendly ingredients and procedures which are designed to preserve human health and environmental quality. What that means for you is that we use green certified products whenever possible to ensure that your office is as clean as it can be, without the environment paying the hefty price of cleanliness.

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