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Winter Disinfection Services

Every good manager in Austin knows that a business is only as successful as its employees. This includes hiring the best and brightest, keeping workers happy, and providing an environment that is conducive to the job at hand by hiring a commercial cleaning company based in Austin.

Cubicles vs. Open Floor Plans

Much research has been carried out on which floor plan is the best for workers. Cubicles are often preferred by offices because they provide quiet workspaces that allow each employee to carry out their daily duties with little interruption. However, psychologists have also found that working in a cubicle can lead to more stress, hamper creativity, and create feelings of insecurity.

An open floor plan gives employees better access to one another. This modern approach to the business world may boost performance by providing an easier, more comfortable environment. Unfortunately, this sometimes comes at a risk. Studies have found that open office plans, while improving workplace satisfaction, are conducive to regular interruptions. It may take longer to accomplish tasks that are carried out without cubicle walls.

Making the Most of a Workplace

Whether choosing a closed or open office, managers should consider the value of relaxation and recreation. Giving employees a common area for gathering, like a standard break room, is expected. Offering them comfortable seating areas with soft couches and decorative touches is a perk that can pay in great dividends. Many companies are now offering areas like these as alternatives to desks so workers can feel as relaxed at the office as they do at home.

Rec areas are not just for after hours either. Recent research shows that access to ping pong and video arcades during working hours increase productivity. Workers feel respected, but arguably, more importantly, they feel youthful. A study conducted by the University of Konstanz found that workers who feel younger, regardless of their actual age, accomplish more. They have a higher tendency to set goals and follow through with them than do their stodgier counterparts.

The Importance of Office Upkeep

An office may not be ready to install a Google-esque slide, but it can do small things to boost workplace morale. Updating art and adding colorful plants can go a long way toward turning dreary into dynamic. Keeping the office clean is vital as well. Cleaning services ensure that dust and mildew doesn’t get in the way of a work day. Likewise, a thorough commercial cleaning service can keep workplace germs at a minimum, which is a benefit to everyone and keeps Austin healthy.

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