Client Spotlight Duo Security

Client Spotlight: Duo Security, The Billion Dollar Security Firm With a Home in Austin

Since its inception in 2010, Duo Security seems to have done just about everything right. Over $119 million dollars raised from investors put the value of the company at over a billion dollars.  In the world of tech, any company with a valuation this high is called a Unicorn, but a Unicorn valuation means nothing compared to the powerhouse list of clients that Duo Security boasts.  Etsy, Facebook, K-Swiss, Paramount Pictures, Random House, Twitter, Yelp, Zillow, and over 10 thousand more make up the list of amazing companies that use Duo Security to keep themselves safe.  

So what exactly does Duo Security do?  

Their main product is called two-factor authentication.  Basically, it’s a way of making sure that your information can’t be stolen.  By requiring two different forms of proof that you are you, companies can better protect your data and their users accounts.  Have you ever seen an app send you a text message to confirm you are you? That’s an example of two-factor authentication at work and it is currently a HUGE business!

Now, Duo Security has grown to over 500 employees in four cities protecting our data and this Michigan monster is proud to call Austin one of its new homes.  Austin is renowned for its tech community so it makes perfect sense that they would want to set up shop here as a way to help them fulfill their mission.  

Duo Security CEO Dug Song

Supporting Local Businesses

“Cybersecurity is the biggest geopolitical issue of our time” Duo Security CEO Dug Song said. “When Duo started, our mission was to democratize security, now we’re securing democracy. Duo has only scratched the surface of addressing the need to deliver simple and effective security globally. There are many more organizations that Duo could help protect, and in the journey ahead, we hope to reach them all.”

Waner Ren is the office manager of the Austin office of Duo Security and when we spoke, she told us she was happy to be working with such an innovative company and that she was firm in her commitment to keep working with NAE Cleaning Solutions to keep Duo’s new office shining.

In fact, whenever possible, Waner likes to support local Austin businesses. Back in Jan 2016, she was looking for a cleaning company. After reaching out to three different vendors she got three different quotes.  Though NAE wasn’t Duo’s first choice, after running into multiple troubles with their first cleaning company, NAE founder Jason Behn got a last-minute call from Waner and was happy to help them get their offices ready in time for the grand opening.

Since then NAE has proven themselves to be capable, flexible, and reliable.  Needless to say, Duo Security hasn’t looked back. If you’d like to stop worrying about your cleaning company the same way that Duo Security helps businesses large and small stop worrying about their security, then give Jason a call and set up a free walk-through.  

Why NAE Cleaning Solutions?

All of NAE Cleaning Solutions’ staff are fully background checked, drug tested, and available for the highest levels of security clearance that your business requires.  We know how important your security is to you and that’s why both Duo Security and NAE are working hard to keep businesses like yours safe.

Whether you have high-security needs, special requests, odd hours, or last-minute calls, NAE is here to keep Austin running clean.

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