Budget for Commercial Cleaning Services

How to Properly Budget for Commercial Cleaning Services

As the start of a new year approaches, it’s time to set up the budget for commercial cleaning services. Can you really afford to reduce expenditures on services like janitorial cleaning?

The price of work-related stress and sicknesses incur an expenditure of nearly $200 billion every year for American companies in medical care costs, thus making commercial cleaning a paramount expenditure. Keeping the workspace clean and sanitary helps preserve the health and efficiency of your personnel. Along with disinfecting frequently touched areas to keep your staff from spreading germs, a proficient office cleaning team can generate a hygienic atmosphere that may have good consequences on conduct, encourage beneficial behavior and enhance worker self-esteem.

Analyze your cleaning requirements

It’s wise to analyze your spending habits from time to time and determine if you are being charged for services that you do not require. Additionally, compare the cost of your cleaning service with industry standards by getting estimates from other janitorial service companies. Nonetheless, take into account attributes like outstanding customer service and meticulousness. Moreover, make sure your financial plan includes costs for irregular or special services so that you are not taken aback during the middle of the year.

Get more than a professional cleaning quote

When you get rates from different janitorial companies, make sure to be as detailed as possible regarding which services you need, the frequency, and the results you expect. It’s a good idea to draft a list of the services you want to take care of for each area, such as:

  • Clean surfaces
  • Sweep and Mop floors
  • Remove garbage and replace liners
  • Vacuum carpeted areas
  • Spot clean and remove fingerprints on glass surfaces
  • Perform high dusting
  • Dust baseboards
  • Dust electronics & monitors
  • Refill/restock consumables
  • Clean mirrors and glass surfaces
  • Disinfect touch points
  • Take recyclables to the designated location
  • Clean surfaces
  • Disinfect restroom

It is essential to recognize that commercial cleaning is not a generic matter. Prices differ depending on the size of the business or building, the services required, and where it is located.

When you ask for an estimate, a business representative should come to your workplace, take notes, make observations, and calculate the measurements of every area to be cleaned. They should enquire about the services that you are looking for or need; any issues or areas of difficulty; and how regularly you wish your office tidied. The quote should be customized to your office so that you only pay for what is necessary for you.

Ask the right questions

Do not hesitate to request precisely what the cost covers. Most cleaning estimates include the cost of materials and tools, but you may want to ask:

  • Do they provide consumables? (ie: paper towels, toilet paper, deodorizer, etc.)
  • What’s the minimum square footage?
  • Do they charge hourly or per month?
  • Do they provide their cleaning supplies?
  • What one-time services do they offer?
  • How many years of experience do they have?

Asking will help you to stay away from unexpected expenses and assess quotes accurately.

In the same way, do not assume that certain services are included. For example, most of the cleaning staff will usually vacuum on a regular basis. But what if you need something extra like getting rid of an occasional spot on the carpet? Or if many people are going in and out of the room so you want it to be cleaned more often, find out how much it will cost to make sure you can properly plan for additional expenses.

Take into consideration any services that you may require on an annual or semi-annual basis, such as window washing or carpet or stripping and waxing floors. Request a price for those services too, so you can incorporate them into your spending plan.

What makes one commercial cleaning company different?

There are aspects apart from expenses and services that can shape your choice:

  • Is the business fully bonded and insured on the off chance that something is broken?
  • Do employees wear uniforms so you can recognize them quickly?
  • Are they reliable and honest, coming on time and being careful with your workspace?
  • Are they accessible when you have additional requests?
  • How often do they do inspections?

Proper financial planning is essential for any other business expenditure. By foreseeing your office’s requirements and conveying your desires to your commercial cleaning company, you will have peace of mind and should be able to avoid budget surprises and potential problems with commercial cleaning services.

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